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As everything slowed down after the last few months, we were given the chance to realise that sometimes it really is the small things that can make all the difference. One example of that is our lingerie. Sometimes we can overlook updating or investing in our lingerie in favour of buying a new dress or bag - after all more people are likely to see it. 

But to me an outfit is really made when you know you're wearing  a luxurious, beautiful pair of underwear that feels both comfortable and special. It can be an instant confidence boost! A bra, body or bottoms made of delicate lace with intricate stitching, finishings and straps is exactly what your underwear draw is craving and what you deserve to be wearing.

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Fresh lemons in your morning tea and evening gin. Lounging around for hours on end. Reuniting with friends over an alfresco dinner. Enjoying the August heat. Warm gold details against sun-kissed skin. Making up for lost time. Never leaving the house without your sunglasses. Time moving so slowly it almost stops. 

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Officially we've been in 'lockdown' for 125 days now and during this time our important purchases have been litres of hand gel, investing in a proper skincare regime and finding the comfiest and most-forgiving loungewear sets. Very quickly we settled into the 'new normal' but as life begins to get back to something that resembles what we left behind, it's time to remember the forgotten joy of dressing up.

Quite honestly I have missed the amount of time and effort we put into dressing. Planning your outfit days before an event, giving yourself more hours than you ever needed to get ready and the excitement of adding the finishing touch. I'm very excited to wear the sparkles, voluminous sleeves, red lip and rich material again very soon.

The original source of images used are stated above. This post includes affiliate links.
As the sunshine returns and holidays become a slightly more realistic option, it doesn't seem like such a strange idea to start buying some swimwear. For those of you who don't want to spend a fortune on loads of different designs and prints, I would recommend investing in one or two great minimal pieces that would work in any location. Black, white and neutral colours gives you the freedom to wear it with a pair of denim shorts on the beach, with an oversized dress in the city or with stacks of gold jewellery. Don't let the simple colour palette put you off - change it up a bit with asymmetric and plunging necklines or feminine or athletic bikini tops. 

The original source of images used are stated above. This post includes affiliate links.
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