Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Summer Edit | The Jewellery List

Sometimes jewellery can be overlooked when it comes to thinking about an outfit or a purchase but in  reality they can be the finishing touches

Chockers are still THE thing to have but go for a Greek twist with River Island's Jagged Chocker instead of the more gothic black felt. Another must-have this summer is the hoop earring. Choose minimalist simplicity with Jenny Bird's Rise and Zenith Hoops or add some 80s texture with Rue Gembon's Esmerelda Earrings. Talking of earrings, for those avid catwalk watchers, you would have spied a number of models walking down the runway with super long earrings, a la Wild Hearts, resting gently on their shoulders. 

Once reserved for the aristocracy, signet rings, like this one from ASOS, have grown in popularity and makes enough of statement on it's own that you don't have to pile numerous pieces while on holiday. For those of you willing to give up your first born for a Cartier Love Ring, Pieces Jue Ring will be a perfect substitute until you can afford the real thing. Similarly, you could choose a little bit more sparkle with Monica Vinader Crown Ring which is easily stackable with other pieces from her collection. Finally, add an ultra personal touch to your jewellery collection with Chupi's horoscope necklace detailing your star constellation. 

Looking towards the pre-fall season stock up on a couple of pieces now. Cuffs will no longer be hidden underneath your sleeves, they'll take centre stage on your wrists like Givenchy. Keep the summer vibe going with Topshop's twisted version. Replacing the pearl stud will be the graphic single earring as seen on Vionnet's models. Ease yourself into this one with Alexi's threader and stud set.

Rest of the Summer Edit Series: The Investment Pieces and The Swimwear List.

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  1. So much prettiness, I'm especially obsessed with that River Island choker! <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile 

  2. I've been really getting into dainty jewelry pieces lately. I'm not a fan of necklaces, but I do love simple bracelets and rings. I love the jagged chocker but I would've liked it better as a bracelet.
    Aria | All Souled Out

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