Thursday, 4 July 2013

Designers of Waverly Place...... And Bonnington!

I've been meaning to post this for such a long time but it kept getting pushed to the end of the blog posting queue. Graduate Fashion Week was last month and although I didn't get to go to the shows in London's Earls Court, I was able to look around the exhibition put on at my university. I was inspired and humbled by the amount of talent I found on display - if we have this much talent at one university I'm starting to understand why fashion is such a competitive industry. Seeing people my age with this much potential makes me excited for my future in the industry.
I managed to take a few photos as I went around to show you guys. Unfortunately I wasn't able to go to the NTU Graduate Fashion Show as I was in the middle of my exams and writing a report - bore!

Here are a couple of my favourite collections:
 By Xiaolei Cai
I love this collection because of the strength of the black and how structured each garment is. the black makes it timeless, but the lines and shapes brings it up to trend, stopping it from being boring. My favourite garment is the structured skirt - the cures make it feminine while the rope conveys a sense of strength and rawness, a juxtaposition on such a formal and tamed garment.
By Stephanos Konstantinou
These garments demonstrate how far garment technology has come and the kind of clothing we can look forward to in the future. This collection was made mainly from a plastic textile with the detailing done by laser cutting. Personally I love the colour white as it's such a crisp colour so I think it suits the clean, simple detailing. The shape of the garments and the lines used resemble a lot of the outfits on the market today - especially the shift dress, crop top and high-waisted midi-skirt. This tells me the designer would be a very successful commercial designer.
Special Congratulations
I'm so proud that Thea Sanders from NTU took home the Stuart Peters Visionary Knitwear Award at the Graduate Fashion Week Gala. My university has an incredible knitwear course, so it's only fitting (pun intended). The photos below are Thea Sander's collection at GFW - taken by Style Bubble.




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