Thursday 27 June 2013

Picked up the pencils again.....

I was determined for today to be a lazy day as I'm working over the next five days, so I spent it in bed watching films. The first film was "Midnight in Paris" directed by Woody Allen. I absolutely loved how many legendary writers and artists are featured in the film. Next I watched the documentary "Valentino: The Last Emperor" and loved seeing the genius behind the designs and the way he works.  After watching the documentary I decided to find my pencils and try to sketch again.
And here is the result! It's inspired by Valentino's red dress collection that was featured in his documentary. The main body of the dress would be made from red satin, with a layer of light silk chiffon blowing out while the model is walking. The body would be tight fitting with off the shoulder sleeves and a low cut front.
Being a Design & Visual Communication student I tried to think of the whole image and story to go with this garment - like an advert or mood board. I imagined the model running through the night time streets of Paris with her dress bellowing in the wind . Running away from herself or the men who think they own her and her beauty. The red evokes the passion and anger this woman feels and her strength - a strong woman who knows what she wants and isn't afraid.
Sweet Dreams!
Xx - Laura


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