Friday 6 June 2014

Fashion | Style Profile: Camilla Ackley

Who are you?
Camilla Ackley, Fashion Blogger & Student.

Describe your style in one sentence
It's like Catwoman and your grandpa merged and decided that they didn't like colour.

What or who is the biggest influence on your style?
That look my mother gives me when I bring new clothes home. And other blogs.

What's the best way to finding your own style?
Ignore what everyone else is wearing for a little bit, and just buy things you like, mitch and match around until you think you look sassy and fabulous - even if you don't it's a learning experience. 

What's in your handbag right now? 
School books, my 2014 planner, pens, my phone, my emergency kit and lipgloss. And like a bucketload of tampons for some weird reason (they seem to have just accumulated...that's probably a bit honest).

What is your go-to outfit?

Black trousers, tapered or skinnies, and sneakers. Adidas have my heart so much right now. I'll usually chuck on a white top or a turtleneck and a long coat over that, as well as my usual build up of silver jewellery. 

How do you think your style will change as you grow up?
I reckon I'll wear more heels after university, and more tailored pieces. I'm currently on the hunt for a good suit.

What do you wish you were brave enough to wear?
My style is fairly pared back, so I rarely find myself attracted to pieces that are exceptionally odd. Culottes were hard at first because they're awkward by nature, but I love them now and feel completely comfortable wearing them in public even if there is an old man standing next to me wearing almost identical ones.

What are you wearing in your profile picture?
Stan Smith Trainers from Adidas, Culottes & Bag from H&M and Coat & T-shirt from ZARA.

Go check out Camilla's Blog! - Into The Fold

Laura xx

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  1. The answer to the "describe your style in one sentence" question is quite possibly the best thing I've read all year!

    Raise The Waves

  2. Agree with Mel, I loved how you described your style. It's amazing btw x

  3. Lovely interview I really like tailored pieces at the moment also :) xx | Giveaway

  4. Fab interview!

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