Friday 30 May 2014

Fashion | Style Profile: Katie Oldham

Who are you?
Katie Oldman. Lifestyle & Fashion Blogger. 

Describe your style in one sentence

I'd say boho-hippie meets monochrome minimalism with a dash of street grunge perhaps. Although I don't think I have a particularly set style. 

What or who is the biggest influence on your style?
My biggest inspirations are bloggers Sara Waiste for her constantly amazing bohemian style, and definitely Luanna Perez from Le Happy who I actually bumped into on a recent trip to New York. 

What's the best way to finding your own style?

For me, it's charity and vintage shops. I always get overwhelmed in the high street and on online. I struggle to decide if I like something because of how it looks on the model, the magazines are telling me to buy it or if I personally like it. With charity shops everything is unique, so if I'm drawn to something I know there's something special and I'll feel truly myself when wearing it.

What do you feel best wearing?
A bold print dress or playsuit, dramatic winged eyeliner, messy hair, huge oversize jacket and big black platform boots. A winner every time.

What are your favourite stores?
When I'm not in charity shops, my favourite brands are definitely Beyond Retro, Motel Rocks and Daisy Street. I've recently discovered a love for American Apparel. I'm always finding some new independent clothing labels I love too like Lavish Alice and Ukulele.

What jewellery do you wear everyday?

My silver nose ring, which I love, and a long Hamsa pendent necklace. I'm actually not a huge jewellery wearer, but I absolutely love wearing big ornate vintage rings. Unfortunately I always end up fiddling with them too much and losing them.

How do you think your style will change as you grow up?
I actually feel like this is the first time in my life I've actually had my own style. I've always felt frustrated with what I used to wear. I think now, I'm finally at peace with my body, myself and my tastes, and I feel good about what I'm wearing. Hopefully that'll only grow further and I'll become bolder and more confident in my fashion choices as I grow up.
What are you wearing in your profile picture? 
A leopard print skater dress from American Apparel , a huge oversize denim jacket from a vintage store in New York and my trusty old faithful black Vagabonds. 

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