Saturday 30 November 2013

Work Experience in the Fashion Indusrty.

It seems now a days it's not enough to just have a good degree when applying for a job. Most employers are looking for work experience.

And with Christmas holidays fast approaching it's the perfect time to start looking! Here are seven girls (including me) telling you about the experience they gained this summer, how they got it and their advice for you.

Frances Trotter
Company: The Daily Telegraph
Role: Assistant in the Fashion Department
How I got the role: Sent millions of emails, then they offered it to me at the last minute
How long I was there: 3 months
Main Responsibilities: a mixture of helping the editors with features, assisting stylists with call ins and shoots, organising schedules and day-to-day running of the shoots.
My advice: don't be scared to ask questions and make sure you work hard!

Jaye Taylor
Comapny: ASOS
Role: Merchandising Assistant for Branded Menswear
How I got the role: At the pub with my parents! I was talking to my parents friends about my desire to work at ASOS and they knew someone there. I was given their email address and the rest is history!
How long I was there: 2 weeks
Main responsibilities: 'Go lives' (checking online stock), check stock numbers, analysis best & worst sellers and upload & organise video clips & photographs on the website.
Advice: talk about dream job to anyone who will listen - you never know who you might be talking to!

Visual Merchandising
Frankie Gascoine
Company: John Lewis
Role: Assisting the Visual Merchandiser
How I got the job: emailed the head of recruitment at John Lewis
How long I was there: 2 weeks
Main responsibilities: Helped with window displays for the new season, dealer with packages from head office, set displays for Hugo Boss,and designed the homewear display using the correct props from the store.
Advice: Try to get experience in the need to head office and in store to see how both works.

Model Agency
Laura Smith
Company: Leni's Models
Role: I assisted the whole office (there were only 9 people)
How I got the job: I googled model agencies in London and emailed them
How long I was there: 2 weeks
Main responsibilities: deal with models coming into the office, research into brands & their image, create "packages" (images of models), organise go-sees, research for an up coming event, create showpack bags and organised contacts for LFW.
Advice: be open to do any job - it can spark a new interest in an area you wouldn't have thought of.

Freya Rowntree
Company: Next
Role: Shadowed Product Technologists in shoes, lingerie and women’s jersey wear department.
How I got the job: Emailed the HR department with CV and covering letter during Easter time. And then followed it up by calling and emailing again at summer
How long I were there: 2 weeks (1 week with technologist, 1 week with buying)
Main Responsibilities: Helped out fit sessions, dealt with manufacturers, gave feedback on their highest directory returns.
Advice: have a positive, keen sounding CV and be persistent. When you're there be helpful and ask lots of questions.

Public Relations
Candy Cooke
Company: Modus Publicity
Role: Fashion Assistant
How I got the job: just reaching out to various PR companies via email
How long I was there: All of summer - I started work the Monday after we broke up from Uni and ended my contract the Friday before we came back.
Main responsibilities: Sent samples out to publications, wrote and drafted up press releases, worked on mail outs to send to magazines about new collections and created a database with details of stylists, fashion assistants, etc.
Advice? Just go for it, do as much work experience as you can and try and get a placement for at least a month.

Grace Wild
Company: Jigsaw - Women's Woven Department
Role: Assistant Buyer Intern
How I got the job: Emailing different companies
How long I was there: 5 weeks
Main Responsabilities: Attend fit sessions, write up notes and send to suppliers, update critical path, attend pre-buy meetings and comparative shops
Advice: Get involved, be confident and always ask for new jobs.

Hope this helped! Best of luck to anyone applying!

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  1. this is such an amazing post, great information for a fashion student like myself, thank you! :)

  2. Glad you liked it and found it useful! X


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