Saturday 9 November 2013

Fabulous Darling! / LFW Baby!

Things have got really busy at the moment while I'm applying for work placements in my sandwich year. Whilst writing about all my work experience I realised I never blogged about my last week at Fabulous Magazine and my day dressing at London Fashion Week. So here it is, my last installment of my summer....



I started the week with the big task of finishing the guest list for Fabulous Fashion Awards. I had started this list the week before but it still wasn't finished as we were asking and deciding who was the most relevant people to invite. As this was a magazines event, it was decided these people were the managers, directors and people from the PR department as they're the ones they deal with the most. The afternoon was spent writing up the credits from a previous shoot and emailing brands who had details missing. 

Unfortunately I spent the day in bed as I had come down with a cold - boo!


Today was the day! The photo shoot! The theme of today's shoot was Family Portrait - showcasing a certain style on different generations. I had a palaver trying to find the house in South East London but I got there. This house was the creepiest house I've ever seen! After a morning of teas and biscuits while the models were getting hair and make up done, things got busy. Me and Mira had to unpack all the suitcases, organise garments into outfits and steam them all. As cliche as it sounds, I really felt like Lauren Conrad or Whitney Port out of The Hills. I loved being part of shoot - dressing the models, seeing the editor direct the photographer, the hussle bussle, even the the problems and dealing with them. Despite feeling so tired at the end of the day, it was my favourite so far!


The day started with me unpacking all the clothes and sorting out which garments I had notes for so I could write the credits. For the ones I didn't have credits for, I had to photograph and email the relevant PR contact. It was so frustrating when some clothing didn't have any label, so we had to email everyone. Once this was done I had to bag them up and return them. Just after lunch there was a sale in the beauty department where all the samples were sold discounted. It was a great opportunity to stock up before university. In the afternoon I wrote up the credits and put my name in!!! Official Stylist Assistant! ;)


Today was my last day - sad face! It was a bit of a random day finishing off all the major jobs before the issue was sent to publish. This again involved taking to a lot of PR companies and making sure everything was ready. I was lucky enough to have a conversation with the Fashion Editor Lynee. I asked her about her "journey" in the fashion industry and how she got to where she is today. She was so lovely and enthusiastic and was kind enough to give me some contacts she thought would be useful for me in the future. Six o'clock came around and it was time to say my goodbyes to everyone. They spoilt me with another bag of beauty goods as a thank you. 

I learnt so much during my time at Fabulous and it's opened my eyes to another career path.

Dressing at London Fashion Week

I was up to London again on Sunday morning to dress at LONDON FASHION WEEK! I was given the contact details for Luke Foy Productions whilst I was at Leni's Models and they asked me to dress for two Portuguese designers Joao Melo Costa and Luis Buchino. This event was held at the Portuguese embassy in Knightsbridge. 

When we first arrived we were sat with the models, discussing the up coming day - it was bizarre to recognise models from Leni's. We had a Portuguese butler serving us Portuguese coffee - it comes in a tiny cup but my lord it is strong! Afterwards we were given a tour of the stage area and backstage. Our roles were explained to us (we would dress the models before the show started and then there would by 8 models would need to be changed within 35 seconds!!!) and jobs like steaming were delegated. Me and a couple of the girls were lucky enough to talk to the designer Joao Melo Costa and it was fascinating listening to him explaining his designs and the clothes' textures and colours changed as the "story" developed. 

Soon enough it was show time and we all got into our places. All the dressed models got into line and off they went. The first 8 that came back, we had to change and send them off again. Then we ran to other room with the second designer and waited for the models who needed to change. It's so crowded in those small rooms with designers, organisers, dressers, hair stylists and make up artists. After 10 minutes it was all over! We were thanked, given some champagne and then free to go. 

As I was in London I couldn't miss out on Summerset House and the LFW events going on there so I headed over. The excitement and buzz surrounding it was amazing and there were some incredibly stylish people! Bizarely I bumped into a friend from school, Elliot Bateman who looked so dapper in his Zara suit. 

After a quick walk round I headed back to Waterloo and home.  And that was that, my work experience over! I had the most amazing few weeks, learning a lot about the fashion industry and myself. I was so excited to head back to university and learn even more. 

Xx - Laura

P.S. Keep an eye out for my article in Platform magazine all about the different types of work experience the girls on my course did this summer and how they got it. 

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