Wednesday 18 September 2013

"interns who lunch"

So this week I started my internship at Fabulous magazine in the fashion department. Saying its different from Leni's is an understatement. I'm used to working in a small team in a little office and then I was working in multi-storey glass office with hundreds of people around. Despite this the fashion team only had five people plus interns, so I got to know a lot of them.  This week the other intern was Lola (ironic huh?) and later in the week Jodie joined us. 


Monday began with a very stressful, panicked me. The "shorter" tube route sent me on a wild goose chase resulting in me walking to a different station underground, I couldn't find the building I was looking for and I was sent to Fabulous office with no idea of who I was looking for. But once I found Mira and introduced to Lola it was all fine. My first task was to go through all the massive jewellery box and return it to the brands or pr companies that had sent it out. I was well and truly introduced to the fashion cupboard. The team had just returned from a shot in Scotland so we has to unpack and return the clothes as well. By doing this so often I learnt a lot about the role of Fashion PR companies. 


Tuesday was big day as the postmen downstairs taught me the art of stacking. Apparently I was putting the packages on the correct way - not that I minded because they continued to pack the cage for the next two weeks! Two shoots worth of clothes were delivered so I had to separate and organises each shoot. Its so tempting to try on the odd shoe or hat when no-one is looking. And I'm mentally planning my autumn/winter wardrobe. I wouldn't complain if hundreds of clothes turned up for me everyday either. Another job that I was introduced to was call backs - where pr companies ask for certain items back so they can use them and its your task to trawl through everything and find it.


The day off with me going through all the lookbooks and making sure they're up to date. It's so vital for brands to send out their lookbooks as its the easiest way for editors to know what's out there. Next task was sorting out shoe credits and asking each brand/or company how much they were. Rather strangely the new intern, Jodie, that started was from my university too - such a small world. After about 20 minutes of meeting she'd convinced me to join the cheerleading society (ill let you know if that happens). Another trip down to the mail room resulted in me being the brunt of the banter today - they asked me what I was refereeing because of my shirt.


The whole day was taken up with me constructing a filling in the invitee list for the Fabulous Fashion Awards that are happening in October (make sure you vote!). I had to research all the people nominated and get the correct details for the important people. This allowed me to gain a more in depth understanding of the structures of PR companies and an element of what goes into events planning.


Spent the morning working on the list and responding the any emails about it. The afternoon was spent writing up the credits for their previous shoots and emailing all the appropriate companies. We ended the week really nicely by going out for lunch - "Interns who lunch daring". We went to the "inn" in St Katherine's Dock and celebrated my birthday and Jodie's and Lola's last day at Fabulous. 

Look out for more updates soon guys!

Xx - Laura


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