Thursday 9 May 2013

48 Hours of Fashion - 26th & 27th April

On the 26th & 27th of April I had the opportunity to gain some work experience at a fashion show in Nottingham. It was called the 48 Hours of Fashion and showcased clothing from the surrounding stores in the city.

Me and 30 students from my university were hired to help out. Some helped with styling and working backstage, while I and most of the girls helped organise the goody bags and worked at the front of house. Although I would have liked to have got involved backstage a bit more, I loved being involved in the running of it and I got the opportunity to watch the show numerous times.

Every time I watched it, I loved it. When I graduate I would like to organise and produce fashion shows. The big dream is have my own fashion show producing company. I love how the use of lighting, location, music, staging and choreography taransforms merely walking up and down a catwalk into an emotional event that the audience can connect with. It becomes more than just advertising or presenting new clothes.

Here's the few pictures I managed to take on Saturday. 

Xx- Laura


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