Wednesday 18 November 2020

Workwear Edit | New Normal 2.0

We've been in 'Lockdown 2.0' for nearly two weeks and while the restrictions are similar to earlier in year, the lack of sunshine, early sunsets and run up to Christmas makes this experience feel different. 

The way we view getting dressed in the morning has changed as well. When we first entered lockdown it's fair to say we all cherished not having to put much thought into our outfits and quickly put on our favourite PJs, mismatched loungewear and oversized shirtsWhile we are still making the most of wearing our favourite comfortable clothing, we also seem to be craving some of our pre-lockdown routine and want to put more effort into what we're wearing. 

This time around the key trends appearing are luxurious warming textures perfect for the chiller weather, matching loungewear in relaxing greys, neutrals & yellows, and cosy cable knit sets that can easily take you from your dining room table to your sofa. And we're not forgetting the finishing touches like borg fabric slippers and cashmere socks

Who knows how long this will continue to be our 'new normal' for but while that decision is out of our control, how we decide to start the day is completely in our hands. 

Imagery: @fannyamandanilsson, @lisaholdshteyn, @jordanrisa, @alexandra_sage, @moastener, @aliasax, @lucyalicelook@_jessicaskye

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