Sunday 9 August 2020

The Best Skincare Products For The Heatwave

We usually have to travel far away for the temperature to hit over 24 degrees, but at the moment we're being treated to our own tropical climate during this heatwave. Finding skincare products that work during this rare time are super important as the increased sun rays and sweat puts extra strain on your skin. 

The most important product to have at the ready is a sun cream that throughly protects you from the UV rays. Now-a-days there are products that offer much more than just protection and are tailored to different skin types or needs. La Roche-Posay's Anthelios fluid helps those who are extra sensitive to the sun and Nivea's UV Face cream defends against ageing and pigmentation. Also being specifically for the face, it reduces your chances of getting the dreaded suncream spots.

One trick for surviving the heatwave is a refreshing cooling spray. Herbivore's Rose Hibiscus Face Mist not only leaves you feeling refreshed, it hydrates and helps your improve your complexion. Another important thing to remember is you need to remove all of the products you've worn throughout the day to ensure your skin stays clear and glowing. Alpha-H's triple action cleanser is packed full of anti-oxidants and botanicals that clears away all of the days dirt without bring too harsh on your skin.

Finally, finish off the day by moisturising thoroughly. After a long day of being in the sun and the heat your skin will be craving that level of care. Evolve Beauty's Citrus Blend lotion is not only deliciously fragranced and nourishing, it also has Aleo Vera which calms down any damage done by the sun. It's best to use a different moisturiser on your face as it has different needs than the rest of your body and The Ordinary's Natural Moisturising Factor serum caters to those requirements perfectly. Lastly, treat your lips to some important TLC with Drunk Elephant's Lippe Balm to get them looking plump and hydrated again.

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