Sunday 23 August 2020

Staycation Style: City vs Seaside


With different countries jumping on and off the quarantine list we're now looking slightly closer to home for our holidays and have chosen the option of 'Staycation' instead. Whether you've decided to visit a city or to spend time at the seaside, what you pack is just as important as ever.

You may have booked a city break because you want to visit all of the iconic cultural landmarks you've seen in magazines or visit the restaurants and bars you've heard so much about. When it comes to fashion, city breaks are a great time to elevate your look and pick effortlessly elegant pieces that reflect the charms of the city like Mango's puff sleeve midi dress. ASOS's cat eye sunglasses will make sure the sun stays out of your eyes so you don't miss a single sight while these tie-leg sandals will leave you blister-free even after a long day walking.

On the other hand, a few days spent by the seaside eating fish 'n' chips soaked in salt and vinegar and watching the day go past on a sunny, sandy beach calls for a more relaxed choice of clothes. Your must-have piece has to be an oversized shirt that you can wear from am to pm and can cater for any weather condition, just like Arket's poplin shirt. A strappy crinkle-textured bikini allows you to tan as possible while a simple baseball cap and large round sunglasses will easily hide your delicate face from that mid-day sun. 

Wherever you may decide to go for a few days, the most important thing is you come back feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and that you've had a proper break from everything we've been going through together.

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