Wednesday 22 April 2020

The Edit | Beauty Pieces

I'll be completely honest with you - I'm no beauty expert. In fact I'm still learning a lot about skincare. I only started a proper routine two years ago after years of just a make-up remover and an occasional moisturiser. My routine is now three times as long with Nivea's micellar water, The Ordinary's hyaluronic acid and La Roche Posay's cleanser, toner and anti-blemish moisturiser.

The amount of beauty products available and their ingredients can be overwhelming at the beginning and it's difficult to know where to start. But sites like Cult Beauty and Deciem easily explain the science behind how everything works and the end results you can expect.

I realised quickly how much of luxury and a treat it is to look after yourself in this way. To take the time to exfoliate, moisturise, wear a face mask or relax in a bath can have such a positive effect on your mind and your skin. That was the most important lesson I learnt.

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