Wednesday 9 January 2019

New Pieces To Match Your 'New Year, New Wardrobe' Attitude

The start of the year makes us feel like we should begin something new; whether it's to learn to a language, go to gym like you promised or to complete Dry Jan (more likely Damp Jan in my case). Basically anything that helps you achieve the 'New Year, New Me" motto.

Yeah, no thanks. If there's any mantra we should be believing in, it's 'New Year, New Wardrobe'. It doesn't mean we have to spend of our Christmas vouchers or empty that very battered and bruised current account by buying lots of new things. Instead we look at our wardrobe with fresh eyes, get inspired by other people and purchase just a few select items. 

After the sparkle and excessiveness of the party season, now feels like the perfect time to bring in soft textures, calm colours and great staple pieces that will see you through to Spring. Add a touch of freshness with Yuul Yie's white mules, Charles & Keith's mint knot bag and Arket's cream straight leg jeans. For the weekend, take inspiration from MY8I2 by pairing H&M's oversized cardigan with Topshop's pink slip skirt.


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