Thursday 26 May 2016

Inspiration For Day 3 Hair

It's Day 3. You know your hair is in need of wash but you'd rather stay in bed for an extra 20 minutes. Thanks to these Instagram Queens, you can stay asleep for a little bit longer and still have a sassy hairstyle all day...

The original and the best. Simply pull your hair back, up and off your face. Add some messy-texture to this simple style by pulling down strands to frame your face and pulling at your roots to create volume.

Some worry that they'll look like their year 3 portrait but they have been all over social media. This hairstyle will last throughout the day, no matter what you do, and will remain low maintenance. Could you ask for anything more perfect?!

For the ultimate cool girl look take inspiration from Charlotte Martin. This edgy hairstyle is easier than it looks; pull your hair-up like you would for a normal bun but instead of wrapping all the hair around the bottom, bring the end section to the front like a fringe and straighten into place.

Dry shampoo and back-combing is essential for this style. Divide the hair into a smalls section at the top, tie and pull the hair so it spreads out all around your head. The rest of your hair needs to be back-combed to give it some body. If it's Kardashian-approved, you know it's a good one. 

Keep the romance alive ala Caggie Dunlop with a messy up do. The key is to not try too hard, let it fall when it naturally wants to and then pin it up. Another tip is to leave it alone throughout the day - if you keep playing with it, your hair will become greasier.

But if all else fails and your hair is simply too messy/greasy/horrendous to be seen, pop on a fedora. Take notes from Isabella Thordsen and go for a rich burgundy colour.


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