Wednesday 6 August 2014

5 Inch & Up X RI Collaboration

An exciting announcement was made on Monday. An announcement that shows with hard work and dedication you can achieve something way beyond what you set out to.

Sandra Hagelstam, creator of 5 Inch & Up is collaborating with River Island to create a capsule six piece collection of shoes (the first sketches are below). What can you expect? Clean lines, fine detailing and mustard colours.

"I've aimed to design a powerful and seductive collection for strong women who understand the importance of simplified statement shoe and I'm eager to see how women will be styling the range," said Hagelstam. "It's been a fantastic experience working with the great team of buyers and designers at River Island in creating this collection and I hope it will be as fun to wear as it has been to design the shoes".

The collection will be dropping into stores in November and keep your eyes peeled for Hagelstam's exclusive tutorial video.

Source: RI Style Insider & Vogue

Laura xx



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