Thursday 8 May 2014

Fashion | Style Profile: Charlotte Fisher

Who are you?
Charlotte Fisher. Fashion Blogger & Vlogger.

Describe your style in one sentence

Who or what is the biggest influence on your style?
Katy Perry. She let's girls know that they're allowed to do their own thing. 

Your wardrobe is burning - what item do you sav
Oh god! It would have to be the pink cable knit jumper my mum spend 6 months knitting me. It's the only thing irreplaceable.

What's in your handbag right now? Describe your bag
Usually my bag has my phone charger, a tangle teezer, pink lipstick, ID/card/oyster card and  headphones. I change my bag daily.

What do you wish you were brave enough to wear?
I don't think I've let anything hold me back, I think I dress quite bravely.

What's the best way to finding your own style?
Try not to be too influenced by others, there's only so much inspiration you can get without it being immitating. Pick certain things you like and give your own twist to them.

How do you think your style will change as you grow up?
Well, hopefully I'll still be rocking the pink jackets into my 80s.

What are you wearing in your profile picture? 
Faux leather pink bomber from Boohoo, satin shift cami dress from Missguided, pink rucksack from Grafea and pink mules from Daisy Street.

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Laura xx

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