Saturday 19 April 2014

Fashion | Style Profile: Candy Cooke

Who are you?
Candy Cooke. Fashion Student & Blogger.

Describe your style in one sentence?
This question is hard to answer as I don't think my style is specific. I like to mix it up a lot, baggy tee and trainers one day, crop top and a pair of heels the next.

What or who is the biggest influence on your style?
Designer wise I have to say Alexander Wang - his designs are so sleek and clean. My style also come from various bloggers and models. Especially Joan Smalls, I think I'm in love.

What is in your handbag right now? Describe your handbag.
A simple black shopper that I got from H&M. My university books, purse, Rebl' Fluer hand lotion, lip balm, earphones, a pen & sunglasses

How do you think your style will change as you grow up?
I think as I grow, my wardrobe will be filled with a lot of classic timeless pieces that can be re-worked throughout the years. Staple items are what you can depend on season after season. 

What do you wish you were brave enough to wear?
A fro!

If you were the opposite sex, what would your style be?
I'd have to say Mr. Porter based, Italian chic.

What's the best way to finding your own style?
For me it's through trial and error. Wear what's best for you, what you look great in and what you feel comfortable in. Don't be afraid to zig when everyone else is zagging!.

What are you wearing in your profile?
Jumper from Zara, Shorts from Levi's, Jelly Sandals & Sunglasses from Primark.

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Laura xx

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  1. Love this! her outfit is fab!!! :) x

  2. Ger outfit is gorgeous, so casual yet cool!

    Lauren |

  3. Love her style, very gorgeous lady!

    Helen x


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