Friday 14 March 2014

Fashion | American Apparel Wish List

I'd never really heard much about American Apparel until I came to Nottingham and visited their store. My friend Frankie was telling me about the leotard she had just brought from there and I wanted to get myself one - I now own it and it's known as the "inappropriate top". After visiting their store again last week I saw so much stuff I loved and found even more online. So instead of breaking the bank I made a wishlist, hoping I'd get the same satisfaction from it...

Which piece is your favourite?

Laura xx

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  1. Those turtleneck dresses are so cute and pretty!
    xx, Tina

  2. Uhhhh I am swooning so bad :( Gorgeous picks, the bag has really caught my eye xxxx

    1. I swoon hard when making this haha. It's a really interesting shape for a bag xx

  3. houndstooth dress!!
    love love love x


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