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Monday, 7 April 2014

Tag | The Blogger Love Tag

What was the first blog you ever came across?
I can't remember which I found first, The Londoner or She Wears Fashion. The Londoner' Rosie has the most amazing lifestyle and inspired me to document what I did in my life - a concept I had never thought about before. Shewearsfashion was introduced to me by a girl in my course after she brought a bag featured on the blog. Kavita inspired me to really think about what I'm wearing in terms of styling and to eventually create a fashion blog.

Favourite Blog Reads?
Sarah at Clothes Drawer has a style that I can relate to & her outfit posts really inspire me. I appreciate her love of skirts & dresses at the moment. I love Lydia's, Fashion Influx, slightly edgy style & how versatile she can be. I look forward to seeing her new outfit posts. Laura at The Fashion Wonderland is a gorgeous girl & she has amazing high street style, with a hint of designer at times. She has definitely influenced my love of prints. I am Galla is a great way to keep up with men's style & fashion. And who doesn't love looking at gorgeous man!

Best Blogging friends?
Charlotte at FierceFineFashion is one of my good friends in real life and a constant companion in this blogging world. All outfit post photos are down to her too! I owe Fashion Fumblings' Louisa my work experience at Fabulous magazine and I love her way of writing. I met Hayley from Frock Me I'm Famous during my work experience at River Island and she's one of the most genuinely lovely & helpful people I've ever met. I cannot wait to attend some blogging events with her this summer!

What blogs enable your purchases?
Fashion Train's Becca & ThatPommieGirl's Sarah has the most damaging effect on my bank account. Their love of ASOS, Missguided, Motel Rocks, Boohoo, River Island, In Love with Fashion, Topshop (the list continues) means it very easy to make a cheeky purchase here and there - especially when they style it so perfectly.

5 Blogs everyone should be reading
1/ Charissa Rae - Charissa's outfit posts are always gorgeous, I love her lady-like & sophisticated way of dressing. On top of this she has the most amazing fringe!
2/ EmsTalk - Not only does she have lovely posts about beauty and fashion, she has great tips & tricks on a healthy and fit lifestyle. And once you see how amazing she looks, you'll follow every one of them.
3/ The Lovescats Inc - Helen has provided a lot of inspiration for blog & outfit posts, especially after her wonderful series on blogger tips. She is the one that made me realise the best way is to write how you talk.
4/ Fashion Slave - Sophie gives me such outfit envy every time she has a new post. I love her elegant & sophisticated, yet fun sense of style.
5/ Charlotte Martin - Charlotte has a very unique sense of style (I'm slightly bias because we attend the same university.) I like how Charlotte gives you some insight to her decision behind her outfit or what's going on in her life.

Favourite design or look?
IntoTheFold has a layout and look that I listed as inspiration for my blog. I love the minimal, clean look with large high quality images. Camilla edits her photos in a way that look almost editorial and would suit the pages of ELLE.

Blogs that inspire you?
Chiara demonstrates how successful she has been from her blog The Blonde Salad, now travelling the world, wearing designer clothes and releasing her own shoe collection. To even have a inch of her success inspires me to work hard.
I can relate to Amy from AmyVNorris because she too is a university student. I inspire to be a hard working student like her, to be in the library until the sun rises. Her life in London has already got me writing a to-do list for when I live there.

Name a blogger to write a book in the future
I can't name an individual blogger I think should write a book, but it would be amazing if in the future there was book created documenting our favourite/most important/life-changing blog post.

Who are your favourite bloggers?

Laura xx

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  1. Found a bunch if new blogs through this post :)

  2. I love Rosie from The Londoner! Her blogposts are amazing! I also really like Beautycrush, Mariannan and Milk Bubble Tea.