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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Lifestyle | Sunday Post 009

Lrsmth-Fashion Sunday Post 009

attended London Fashion Weekend | watched Hilary Alexander introduce Julien MacDonald's collection | LFWend selfie | went to my first blog meet-up in Notts | dressed as tourists with Grace | a cheeky bit of retail therapy 

Lrsmth-Fashion Sunday Post 009

my collaboration with Thursday Clothing went up on the blog | my dad, step-mum & brother came up to visit | found inspiration & motivation for my tattoo | night at Coco Tang for Grace's birthday | attended the Ted Baker inspired fashion show at my university | another night out for Liv's birthday at Market Bar

I haven't done a Sunday Post for a few weeks so here's a little catch up! I've only got a couple of weeks left and then I'm home for uni - I cannot wait to see my girls (and of course family) again! But the end of term means one thing - deadlines unfortunately. So scheduling on blogger will be a god-send!

Laura xx


  1. Lovely pics! I used to live in Notts & my BF is from Notts so it's nice to see a familiar Coco Tang & their cocktails! Danielle x

  2. Sounds like a good past couple weeks :) Busy but also did some retail therapy and went out which is cool! (Really like your burgundy sweatshirt from Thursday Clothing too btw!)
    Good luck with end of term schoolwork craziness...!!

    Cachoo Joo // CACHOO JOO