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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Lifestyle | Our personal experience with Clothing

We all use the excuse "I'm fed up. I need retail therapy!" But is it therapeutic and if so why? 

I was wondering this last week. The day started fine and then someone said something that ruined any kind of good mood. I was heading into town to post some stuff and I thought "sod it - I'm going shopping" (I even tweeted about it to show my dedication). Two hours later, £40 down and 3 garments up I headed home feeling better.

For me the experience, browsing and purchasing, was my therapy because I had time to think and brought garments that I loved, could style well and I'd wear them feeling confident & good about myself. I guess that's the great thing about clothes, these pieces of cotton, wool, viscose or silk can add that much needed confidence that we all lack at times.

If even you aren't getting "therapy" from shopping you're having some personal experience with it. 

I guess the fashion indsutry can be seen as quite impersonal at times - they produce clothes that certain people in "power" have decided are the trends and stock them in store from sizes 6-22. But it's us, the customer and condumer who makes the shopping experience, and consequential wearing of the clothes, personal. We buy clothes that we love, that express us and how we want to be percived by the world. 

There are certain people who deny having any care or interest in what they wear, who think lowly of people who care about their style, but I guarentte you they have thought about what they're wearing and their style - even if it is to express their lack of  care for fashion and trend. 

I'm aware that some people cannot translate the "fashion messgae" that fashion week and fashion media tell the world, but these people are still aware of what they're wearing - a jumper becuase it's cold, leggings because they're comfotable. 

The point I'm making is everyone has an experience when it comes to clothes - whether it's for therapy, boosting your confidence, expressing who you are, avoiding "fashion" or just the sheer practicality of it. 

Do you get the same therapy from shopping?

Laura xx


  1. Definitely! When I've been working so hard and had little fun or I'm in a sad mood I find buying something, even if it's just a top, completely elevates my mood and makes me feel good. Love the striped dress by the way!

    Laura xo

    1. Clothing is a great way to feel better! xx

  2. I get too much therapy from shopping. Buying myself something nice can completely change my mood and make a bad day a perfect one!
    I love that striped dress, I have been looking for one myself.

    1. It's surprising how much of impact it can have. Thanks, it's from new look xx

  3. I totally use fashion, and shopping as an escape. But sometimes I don't even need to buy something, going into a beautiful store that has a certain aesthetic inspires and makes me feel better. :)

    1. That's so true! Just the experience of shopping can change your mood xx

  4. Retail therapy boots my mood x100000000, it's the satisfaction of buying new clothes and feeling good in them. x

    Hannas’ UK Beauty | Lifestyle blog @ hannatalks

    1. Especially when you buy something exciting xx