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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Lifestyle | Inspiration from Boobs & Loubs

So tonight I have free reign of the TV and I've chosen to go on a reality tv binge! After towie, the real housewives of New Jersey, Keeping up with the Kardahians and E! News, I'm currently watching a double bill of The Rich kids of Beverly Hills. (I have a real problem I've realised!!)

Tonight's episode is all about Morgan relaunching her blog, Boobs and Loubs (hence the post title). It peaked my curiosity so I went and checked it out. 

And surprisingly or unsurprisingly (I don't know what I expected) I loved it because she really shows her personality. When you read her daily posts about her fabuuulous life it feels like she's speaking to you personally

So I'm going to forget about having a theme or layout on the blog and bring you dolls into my life a bit more. 

Speak to you soon! 

Laura xx


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