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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Fashion | Glamorous S/S Lookbook

Lrsmth-Fashion Glamorous S/S Lookbook
How excited are you about Glamorous' S/S range?! If you're not you will be after this!

Whilst attending Pure London I had the chance to visit Glamorous' stall and chat to some people from the brand. My course mates and I browsed through their samples - there was a lovely pale blue shift dress that I fell in love with. Just before leaving I sneakily picked up their lookbook for the season. 

These are my favourite pieces -

Lrsmth-Fashion Glamorous S/S Lookbook
I love the print on the playsuit and how fresh & summery is the white combo?
Lrsmth-Fashion Glamorous S/S Lookbook
The print on the playsuit is a must have, as are the baby pink skorts. The jumpsuit is perfect for any garden party/bbq!
Lrsmth-Fashion Glamorous S/S Lookbook
Both prints on the playsuit and mini dress are beautiful - I'm loving the Asian influences.

If, like me, you now want to buy the whole collection, or just a couple of things, you can visit Glamorous here.

Which piece is your favourite?

Laura xx



  1. Ahh, there's too much to choose from! I'd either playsuits on the second and third lines, can't get enough of those prints or playsuits at the moment :)
    Rhiannon xx

    1. I'm loving prints at the moment! Love the summer for it! xx