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Friday, 17 January 2014

Oh Hello! The Liebster Award!

I was very kindly nominated for The Liebster Award by Lauren. The idea is to award blogs with under 200 followers - allowing you to discover more blogs. They give you a set of questions, you answer, then set questions for another group of bloggers. Hope you enjoy getting to know me a little bit better!

Lauren's Questions

1. What is your favourite item of clothing in your wardrobe?

My white tweed collar less coat. It was my constant companion when I was working in London and I'm so proud it survived! 

2. What is the best bargain you have ever bought?
Probably the coat - £20 from Primark. Or my black handbag, another Primark steal at £8. 

3. Your worst fashion faux pas?
I LOVED the skirt over trouser trend when I was younger - oh lord!

4. If you were gifted £10,000 to do a haul in any store in the world, which would you choose and why?
Urban Outfitters! I wish my student budget would stretch that far, but it doesn't :( you can buy your whole wardrobe there and every other knick knack you could think of. 

5. If you were allowed to attend any fashion show in Fashion Week, which would you choose?
Burberry of course! Every show is so beautiful. 

6. What is your 'I can't live without this' beauty product?
Vaseline. I'm prone to chapped lips so this is a god send. 

7. Your favourite make up tip?
Wear sudocrem under your make-up. It works on clearing your spots, stops make up making your spots worse and it's a great primer, keeping your make up on. 

8. Do you have any secret online shopping websites that are not well known?
Not really. I've just discovered OMG Fashion and couldn't believe how affordable it all is. 

9. Who is your all time favourite blogger?
The Londoner. The idea to start blogging happened after following her for a while. 

10. If you could make any cartoon character real, who would it be?
I'm choosing three - The Powerpuff girls!

11. If you could be best friends with anyone in the world, who would you choose?
Beyoncé. In fact, I want to be Beyoncé!

12. If you could have a cameo in any TV show, which one would you choose? 
I would love cameo in Made In Chelsea - specifically for their lifestyle! 

My Questions

1. If you could interview one person for your blog, who would it be?
2. What item would you hand down to your daughter?
3. Must have accessory?
4.. What are you most excited about for S/S14?
5. If you could speak another language what would it be?
6. What's your favourite blog?
7. Who has inspired you the most?
8. Your go-to outfit?
9.  Whose your celebrity crush?
10. Favourite model?
11. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
12. What made you start your blog?

My nominations are -
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Laura x


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