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Monday, 14 October 2013

Has their style got the X Factor? (Ignore the pun)

So tonight was the first live show of the X-Factor and I was looking forward to what this year had to offer, in terms of talent and style. The theme tonight was 80s so that was going to influence the outfits. Here's my opinion on the nights biggest outfits and where to get similar garments on the high street. 


Nicole made saw all eyes are on her tonight - but I'm not sure whether it's for the right reason. To me her tasseled dress looks too busy and tacky - especially for a show that's so influential on fashion. I do admire her though - she has the confidence to pull it off. 
For a high street version check out Misguided


You would never expect Sharon to be a shy in her outfits choice. Mrs O has brought the glam to tonight show in her embellished green body hugging dress. She's even been bold adding a slightly low back. All in all - she looks amazing for her! 
Green is perfect for the Christmas season, so for a younger yet still glam version look at River Island


This girl looked incredible tonight with so much attitude, Madonna would be proud. She risked it with three trends: double denim shorts and shirts, lip covered bomber jacket and strong statement boots but pulled it off well. Printed Bomber Jacket from Motel Rocks


She is working the leather trend, with her leather jacket and skirt. Yellow is a difficult colour to pull off, but for Hannah the colour works for her. Personally I wouldn't have worn the jacket and I would have tucked the top into the skirt. Leather Skirt from Boohoo


The plain white short sleeved shirt really suits his smart look. The hat attached to his belt stops it from being too boring and adds some much needed attitude. There is a similar version from River Island


Luke has his signature look with a paisley printed shirt, tight skinny jeans, jewellery and trainers. And of course his hair. But the 80s touch has been added with a purple velet blazer.  Zara Velvet Blazer

Rough copy

It appears their stylist has taken a lot of inspirational from Kanye West with the leather trousers, gold detailing, long tops and heavy jewellery. For me they were the best dressed of the night. ASOS Bomber Jacket

Miss dynamix

These girls are true to the 80s theme with bright colours, varsity jackets, big hair, bold jewellery and disco pants. I would have made their style more personal, as it seemed a too generic 80s style. 

King Land Road

I love the overall look these boys had: slogan tee, bow ties, monochrome, quiffs, denim jackets and shirts wrapped around the hips.  Monochrome T-Shirt from Topman and Check Shirt from Topman

What did you all think of the show? 

Xx - Laura


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