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Saturday, 14 September 2013

It's my birthday!

Guys I'm so sorry about the lack of blog posts that I've been doing - Fabulous magazine is longer hours and a longer commute so I've had no time. 

AND...... IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY LAST WEEKEND (7th), so I think that excuses me.

I was the "Birthday Princess" as Paige called me and managed to spread the celebrations over four days!

They started on Thursday night with a meal and drinks at Coals Bar and Grill with the girls. We were all very excited about one thing - HALF PRICE COCKTAILS. We kind of made it our leaving meal as well as most are heading off to university

They very nicely put balloons on our table but thy didn't stay long - the restaurant would soon hear helium sounding screams of "CANDY"! 

The night ended with me being presented with a surprise "Birthday Brownie". Here's my "happy yet afraid of the big flame" face!

Friday lunchtime  me and the two other interns Lola and Jodie went for a "Interns Who Lunch" meal at The Dickens Inn in St Katherine's dock. We made it their leaving lunch and my birthday lunch. 

Gorgeous food and lovely company! I felt very sophisticated going out for lunch in London - just a shame we didn't have enough time for cocktails here!

Saturday was my actual birthday - 20! DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUUUN!

I woke up to a collection of cards, presents and my new baby, my iPad!

For lunch my dad and step-mum had organised a cute birthday tea with prosecco, triangle sandwiches, cakes and tea. 

Finished off with Birthday Jelly (as I don't like cake)

In the evening I went for dinner with my mum, step-dad and brother. 

We went to a gorgeous little place just out of town called Mumma Mia. It's a proper Italian family run place and everyone is so friendly! The food was lovely, the wine was lovely and my new found friend, Irish Coffee, was lovely! 

To top it all off the waiter brought out a HUGE chocolate profiterole and got the whole restaurant to sing happy birthday to me - it was shocking how red I went!

As much as I hate myself for going to Wonderland on my 20th birthday, there was no where else us girls could go on our last night in Basingstoke.

On Sunday me and my hungover self went down to the sea to see my nan and family.The home cooked food & sea air really helped! It was lovely seeing everyone and having a big catch-up. Can't wait to see them again at Christmas!

After four days I felt very spoilt and very loved!

Xx- Laura

PS - keep an eye out for LOTS of blog posts this week - I have a lot to tell you all!


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