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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

At The Beach, Just Another Day In Paradise.

I've been working non-stop recently, meaning I've been missing out on the glorious sun and trips to the beach. So with that in mind me and the family headed down to my Nan's house by the coast on Sunday evening. I absolutely adore my nan. She has this natural grace about her. We popped in for a long over due catch-up and cup of tea (which turned into two glasses of wine for me) and then walked the short distance down to the beach.
Despite it being 7 O'clock by the time we got there, the sun was still shinning and people were making the most of the sun before trudging back to work on Monday morning.

I'm wearing my New Look Dungaree dress with Topshop sandals.

We made the most of the tide being out and visited the rock pools.


I didn't see any wild life though - boo! Admittedly my brother was more adventurous than me. I knew, being the clutz that I am, I would slip on something.

My Step-mum kept her feet firmly on the ground, gazing off far into the distance dreaming of her upcoming holiday in Greece, not work the following morning. Her Maxi dress bellowing in the wind is from New Look.

Whilst we waited for my brother to figure out a way back to dry land...
 ... I braved it and dipped my toes in the sea. There's nothing like the cold English Channel to remind you where you are in the world.
Enjoy the sunshine!
Xx - Laura



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  3. Love days at the beach....especially when it is sunny :)

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